A Round Of Bev's Eye View| Weekend Reading List

How to Find Friends in a New City: Making friends is really hard as an adult. This article gives you the tips you need to make new friends in a new city.

Top 5 Life-Style & Beauty Blogs You Will Love: I put a list of beauty and lifestyle blogs that I love reading! I know you guys will love them too. 

37 Facts You Never Knew About “Harry Potter”: Everyone loves Harry Potter and this article from Buzzfeed gives you fun facts about the series. 

27 Books Every Woman In America Should ReadI think it is important for women to read books that empower them and makes them strong. These books will do just that!! I have read a couple and can't wait to read the others. 

10 Financial Resolutions to Make This Year: I struggle with money, especially as a freelance writer and blogger, money is tight. So, these tips are very helpful! 

Super Cheesy Garlic Pull Apart Bread: I love garlic bread and I love this recipe. You have to try it!!

What where your favourite reads this week? Did anything catch you by surprise? Let me know!! 

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