Top 5 Life-Style & Beauty Blogs You Will Love

As a blogger, I am into reading blogs...duh!! When you start getting into the blogging business, the one thing you need to do is find bloggers like yourself or or blogs that inspire you! I have pick some of my favourite lifestyle and beauty blogs I love and I know you will love them too!

I started reading this blog about two years ago. I had known about it for so long but I never gave it that much attention. As you all know, Lauren Conrad (a.ka. LC...Laguna Beach anyone?) was the star of The Hills and Laguna Beach! She turned that into this amazing lifestyle and beauty blog that almost every girl knows about!

Why You Will Love It: focuses on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and health. It does all those things really well! What it does well is that it will give you a look into perfect feminine lifestyle. I would describe the blog as cute and girly which is completely up many girls' alley. The only thing about this blog is that it lacks diversity in its content and writers. Most of the posts are not written by Lauren herself; so you don't have personal feel, rather, it is more of a digital magazine. With that aside, it gives great lifestyle and beauty tips.


Most people know Jillian Harris from The Bachelorette but she is also an interior designer too! After her success on the show, she create a lifestyle blog. This lifestyle and beauty  blog is a great place to go to get a taste of Jillian herself.

What You Will Love: One thing I love about this blog is that you feel Jillian everywhere on it. Although she has a small team of contributors, Jillian's voice is firmly in place and it is such a wonderful thing. It feels super personal and most importantly, it feels like you know her when you read the blog. Plus, she is a Canadian! 


I love this blog so much! It has been a source of inspiration to me personally, from my everyday life, to my own blog, to my YouTube channel. Anna Gardner is not just a blogger or YouTuber, she is a real digital content creator. She honestly has a talent for writing, filming, and editing. Everything she puts out is great!

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What You Will Love:

Anna writes everything on her blog, this is quite amazing because she posts five times a week. She used to post everyday but she has changed that! Recently though, she has also taken a step back in her photography and hired someone else to do it. I didn't like this at first but that is a sign that her blog is successful enough to hire someone, which is super great once I thought about it!! With that being said, this blog is amazing, it has the personal touches along with really great beauty, fitness, and lifestyle tips. It is a great mixture of a personal blog and a digital magazine. And the great part is she does it by herself. She is definitely my #careergoals. 


I found this blog through "Who What Wear" which is own by Clique Media Group. The media group was founded by Katherine Powers and Hillary Kerr. They both used to work for Elle magazine, but they decided to quit and start their online magazine/blog "Who What Wear". This blog grew and become popular, from there they created their own media group and two more online magazine sites, My Domaine and Byrdie.  I am not a big fan of Who What Wear, but I do like Byrdie and I love My Domaine. 

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What You Will Love: This site is completely lifestyle and it is updated multiple times a day. Powers and Kerr don't write for the blog personally because it is more of a magazine and they are Editors In-Chef (also, they are busy taking over the online and fashion world). It is definitely not personal at all but you get all the tips and advice you need. Their other sites are extremely celebrity based which I find to be annoying and unattainable, but My Domaine, is a great balance of celebrity based content and really good life and beauty tips.


This website is a great resource for women. It has life, beauty, health, fitness, wellness, travel and book tips. It is really a one stop shop for everything you need in your life from career advice to makeup advice. The site was created by Danielle Moss and Alaina Kaczmarski. They both serve as editors of the site. This site is more of a digital magazine but somehow it also has a very personal blog feel too. 

What You Will Love: The one thing you will love about this site is all the advice and life tips. It is honestly a great resource for all women and there is something in it for everyone. It is a great place to go and a place to keep up with everything lifestyle and beauty. Although, there isn't diversity in terms of their contributors, they do cover diverse topics and have feature stories and content on women of colour.  It is honestly, for every girl!

What lifestyle and beauty blog do you read? Write them down below! Also, which one of these are you gonna start reading? 

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