A Round Of Bev's Eye View| Weekend Reading List

A Week In Outfits | The Anna Edit: I am such a big fan of The Anna Edit!! She is my blogging mentor (btw, I don't know her personally, lol, but she is still my mentor) and I love everything she does! She has grown so much in terms of editing and creating great content! Watch this look book video!

The 5 Most #GirlPower Moments of the 2017 Golden Globes: Most recently, award shows have become a place for people to express their moral, ethical, and political views! These are often great as they explore a liberal and open mindset about society! The Golden Globes, were no different! Watch all the powerful female moments of the show!

The Lies We Tell Pregnant Women: This Ted Talk gives us a glimpse into why many women have been victimized in pregnancy and also inspires women to have agency over their bodies whether they're pregnant or not!

7 Places to Network (That You Haven't Thought of Yet): Networking is so important and this article gives you the unique places you should be hitting up for your next job.

A Woman's View: Amanda Orlando, Founder Of Everyday Allergen-Free: This week on Bev's Eye View, we started a new blog series focusing on inspiring women in their careers. It is a must read for everyone! Plus, Amanda is so inspiring!

The Handmaid's Tale First-Look Teaser: I read "The Handmaid's Tale" when I was in high school and from that moment, it made a huge impact on me! I am so excited for this new series.

What where your favourite reads this week? Did anything catch you by surprise? Let me know!! 

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