5 Things You Shouldn't Give A F*ck About

1. Long Showers/Baths

How many times were you told to shorten your showers as a child? Well, I was told often. As an adult who pays for their own water and hydro bill, I can take as long a shower as I damn want; and so can you! I think the most and feel the most relaxed when I am showering or in a bath. It is my "me time" the time were I can be away from the world. So, take that extra five minutes.

2. Eating

As women,  we have been made to feel self conscious about what we eat and when we eat. Every time I go to a fast food restaurant and ask for little extra rice or lettuce, I am made to feel as if I am asking for the world on a silver platter. No, I am just asking for my money's worth. I encourage you to eat what you want and when you want without feeling guilty or giving excuses. If you are going to have ice cream, have it, don't give an explanation that you're going to the gym later. YOU DON'T NEED AN EXCUSE!

3. Binge Watching Your Favourite Shows

Why is that we have put a negative spin on hanging out at home on a Saturday night and watching our favourite shows? It is the best thing to do after a long week at work or school.  Do it alone or invite friends.

4.Not Being A Party Animal

I don't like going out or drinking but whenever I decline an offer to go out, I am given a look. Yes, I would rather stay at home eat my food without guilt and watch my favourite show, you're welcome to join if you want. We live in a hook-up culture, were everyone between the ages of 18-30 is expected to get drunk and have sex every Friday and Saturday night. It is more than okay if that is what you want to do but it is not for everyone. Declining to do this should not make you feel guilty.

5. Saying No

I bet you feel guilty when you say no after someone has asked you for something or to do something. Especially as women, we are taught to be people pleasers, to say yes, to help out all the time. Sometimes, saying no scares us and it shouldn't. It is more than okay to decline something, to say no and you don't need an excuse.

How do you stop yourself from feeling guilty? Let me know down below?

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