A Round Of Bev's Eye View| Weekend Reading List

Diversity On Magazine Covers Widely Improved In 2016: In 2016, we saw more diversity on magazine covers! This article shows you which magazines featured women from all races. 

How To Stick With Your New Years Resolutions: In two days, we will be in 2017! Omg, that is really scary, but don't worry this video shows you how to stick with all your 2017 goals!! #Letsdothis!

New Years Intention: The YouTube channel, Cinestar is run by the Saldana sisters, Zoe, Mariel, and Cisely! I love this channel so much, I get such a huge surge of inspiration when I watch these three amazing ladies. In their new video, they put a very beautiful and interesting twist on New Years Resolutions! I have to say, I love it!!

New Years Makeup Tutorials: This video I made shows you a very simple makeup look for your New Years Eve!!

7 Quotes To help You Deal With Anxiety, Depression, and Fear In The New Year: This article is full of inspiring quotes to lift you up when your down in the new year!  

It's Time To Reclaim Religion: I have a Masters in Religion and Culture, so anything to do with the subject of religion and theology is so interesting to me. This Ted Talk examines the need to reclaim religion in a world where people are killing in the name of their God and in the name of religion. It is such an interesting Ted Talk!

 What was the most surprising or inspirational article or video for you? Comment down below, I would love to know what you think!

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