A Round Of Bev's Eye View| Weekend Reading List

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Dear Issa Rae: Thank You For Season 1 Of Insecure: This article talks about one of the best shows on T.V right now! Have a read and watch the show too!

21 Romantic Books You Can Absolutely Lose Yourself In: If you're looking for a new book to read, this article is for you! Especially, if you want a bit of romance in your life.

Beaches: Official Trailer: If you are like me and loved the movie "Beaches" you will be happy to know that there is a remake and it looks good!

Downloads Make It Even Easier to Watch Netflix on the Go:  If you love Netflix before, you're gonna love it even more. You can now download shows and watch on the go! Click to see how.

My Complicated Relationship with Rory Gilmore: Everyone and their mother is talking about Gilmore Girls but this article gives real food for thought!

The Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Lover Edit: We are finally in December and it's Christmas shopping time, here is a great gift guide for the beauty lover in your life.

Which one of these weekend reads is your favourite? Let me know!!

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