The Weekly Vlog #2|Bev's Eye View

I have been away from the YouTube game for awhile and this is my first video back! It is a look into my life! This is something I hope to do more often. To share a piece of my life with you all. My life is not very exciting, lol...but I do try.

Over the past month, I have made a promise to myself to have more "fun". I don't even know what this more fun even means, but I want to have more of it. I made this promise to myself this year because it has been such a crazy year for me.

The weekly vlog where it is my first real weekly vlog, yay!! ENJOY!!

Vlogging on a weekly basis is something I want to do as way to be more outgoing and to have a little bit of the thing I call "fun". Mostly, to give you guys and gals a look into my life. Obviously, it is edited to make it look more well rounded.  

In this vlog, I work a lot, play tennis, and hangout with awesome people. Have a look and let me know what you think!

Btw, how do you bring more fun into your life? Leave your answers below. I would love to know!

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