Four Ways To Be A Healthier Person

The older I get, the more I realize that there is more to health than physical health. I think that there are four major health sectors in our lives that we need to be conscious of. They are our mental health, physical health, spiritual/religious health, and financial health. I believe that in order to be a healthy person, all these aspects of your life need to be taken care off.

1. Your Mental Health

In order to be a healthier person, there needs to be a focus on your mental health. I find the best way to deal with my mental health is taking time off to focus on myself or going to therapy. I find that having someone to talk to is really helpful.

Knowing what triggers you or puts you in an unhealthy mental state is important. But what is most important is having the tools to deal with your mental health. Just know that what ever you are feeling, you are not alone.  I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Make sure to take the time you need to focus on your mental health, treat it the same way you would treat a broken arm or a headache. 

2. Your Physical Health

I find that this is the hardest thing for me. I walk a lot in my everyday life but it is not enough. Putting a workout into your everyday life helps balance you out. I find that I can fit in at least one yoga workout a week, which always makes me feel better. Having a workout regime is very helpful to your overall health. Also, make sure to go to the doctor if you're not feeling well. Doctors are there to help you. Waiting until the pain is at its hurt often can mean that it is too late, SO GO FOR YOUR CHECK-UPs, PLEASE.

3.Your Spiritual/Religious Health

Not everyone is religious or even spiritual. But if you are religious, practicing your religion as part of your overall health is really good. I find that I'm most happy when I can find that religious connection. My faith means so much to me and it has guided me through life and helped me tremendously. So whatever your faith is, try and reconnect with it, it will bring you a peace that you never knew was missing.

Even if you're not religious, having some type of time to yourself were you can connect with yourself and relax is extremely helpful. Whether that is reading a book, going for walks, spending time out in nature or family, do it. Whatever bring you meaning and happiness is often the best thing in life.

4. Your Financial Health

People often underestimate how important financial security is. Let me let you on a secret, this shit is important. I have not reach my financial goals in life but I had to learn the hard way of what it means to not be financially secure. Recently, I had to ask for money from a friend and as independent as I am, that was super hard for me. When you ask for money from someone, it puts you in such a vulnerable position and some people can take advantage of that or make you feel awful for asking.

In order for this to not to happen again, I went and opened up a savings account and a rainy day account, so that I would never have to be in that position again. It is so important to get your financial health in order, trust me it will make you feel great. I urge you to go the bank and talk with someone about opening a savings account. You never know what life will through at you so, go save for your rainy day. GO RIGHT NOW!

Making sure that all these aspects of your health is in shape is very important. Don't think that only your physically health is important because your mental health allows you to think probably and focus on all the other aspects of yourself. Making sure that you take time for yourself and getting both your financial health and spiritual health in order, allows you to have the kind of life you have always wanted.

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