Five Ways To Stay Healthy Mentally & Physically, When Life Gets Crazy

Having work, school, a personal life and figuring out your mental and physical well-being can be tough. I work part time, go to school full time, and run a blog and a YouTube channel. Trying to balanced all this can be stressful. Here are five tips to stay healthy when life gets crazy.

1.Try and fit a work-out in your week. This is a tough one. I don’t always follow this myself because life just gets too busy. But, try and work out at least once a week. It can be before or after work or school. It can be walking to work or school or even getting off the bus three to four stops early and walking the rest of the way. Doing this will help you physically and mentally.

2. Find time for your mind. Do something that relaxes you. If that is watching Netflix, YouTube, reading, working out or taking a nap, do it. It is so important to get that piece of mind. Try writing a journal, or a gratitude book, or take time meditate.


3. Eat well. Eating good balance meals and yummy meals is tough, but I found the perfect meal service that allows me to have full healthy and yummy meals. Recently, I tried MealFix Canada. A meal prep service that prepares meals and delivers it right to your home or work place. I took on this service during mid-term season. I can’t even say how much it helped me. It was full meals prepared for me and delivered to me. Everyday, all I had to do was pack it and take it to work or school. It was so nice to have good food to eat! I didn’t even have to think about where my next meal was coming from because I already had it. You don’t realize how much time you spend figuring out what to eat until you no longer have to. Eating a full balanced meal can be hard when you have a stressful and heavily scheduled life, but with MealFix Canada and their service, I didn’t have to stress about where my next meal was coming from. 

4. Find time for family and friends. When life gets busy, we often forget about those whom we love. Take that extra 15 minutes to call mom or dad or your siblings. Take an afternoon to spend with family or friends. Even if you can’t go out, ask your friends to come over and hangout. Laugh and cherish time with love ones. You are never too busy for friends or family.

5. Do something just for you. Whatever you like to do, do it. Go to the movies by yourself or order a take-out from that restaurant you have wanted to try out. Pamper yourself, read a book. If you have extra cash, go shopping, buy yourself that pair of shoes. Just get your me time in. That alone time will help you recover and refocus on life.

I hope these helped, let me know how you stay healthy mentally and physically.

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*This article was originally publish in November 2016*