Five Things To Do When You're Emotionally Exhausted & Heart Broken


You need to cry it out, it is honestly the only way to deal with what you're going through. I find that when I am heartbroken or emotionally exhausted, the best way to release what is within me is to cry it out.

2. Talk To A Friend 

Sometimes we need to vent and although our friends may not always understand, it is often great to have someone to lean on. Since our friends know us so well, they are also the perfect people to give us advice. Find the friend who cares about you and talk it out with them.

3. Eat Some Comfort Food

Sometimes you need to wallow.  Eat your favourite food, eat it all. Have your cry fest with some ice cream or poutine or whatever food that brings you comfort.

4. Work Out

Do something physical and get your emotions out. Going out for a run or a good cardio workout to take out your aggression; this is the perfect way to deal with your emotions. I love doing yoga because it always calms me and makes me feel re-centered emotionally.

5. Watch Your Favourite Movie Or TV Show

Watch the show or movie that you love, whether it makes you laugh or cry, just watch it.It will make you feel better.

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*This article was originally posted in November 2016*