Book Review: "Deliciously Ella Every Day"

I had the amazing opportunity to review Ella Woodward's new cookbook as a part of a blog tour. I was chosen by Simon & Schuster  along with three other bloggers, Julie from Try Small Things, Mary from Ketchup With That, and Laura from Chronicles Of Passion; so checkout their reviews too!

This is my first ever review for a cook book, so, I was very nervous to even tackle it. I don't even know what to look for in a cook book, so I dived into this with a open heart and a very hungry stomach. The book is spilt into six sections, Breakfast, Healthy Eating-On-The-Go, Salads, Easy Weekday Dinners, Big Batch Cooking, and Simple Sweets. Each section was interesting and had something to offer.

As a student and also someone who works part-time, a long with running a blog and a YouTube channel, I wanted to find recipes that worked for me. I loved the section of Healthy Eating-OnThe-Go because I am constantly moving and going places. I found that the tips given, along with the recipes were so helpful. I also loved the Big Batch Cooking section because I love meal prep and believe in them so much. But my favourite part of this book was the Simple Sweets section because it made eating sweet things healthy.

Recipes I Tried

I tried the Sweet Potato and Garlic Puree from the Healthy Eating-OnThe-Go section and loved it.I found that it was simple to make and tasted way better than I thought.

From the Big Batch Cooking section, I tried the Spiced Sweet Potato Stew. This tasted good too and it lasted me a few days.

The last recipe I tried was from the Simply Sweet section, this is the section I loved the most. I made the Gooey Black Bean Brownies which were interesting. When I think of brownies, I don't think of beans but, I gave it a try and was very surprised at how good it tasted.




I felt that Ella assumed that I was already on a healthy kick, which I try to be but I'm not always successful. I think she should have had a beginner's guide to eating and cooking healthy. Most importantly, I think that she should have had a section on her ingredients and where to get them because I was very lost when searching for them. I also had no idea on what they were and had to do a lot of research on my own.


This book is full of healthy recipes and tips. I really liked that about this book. Each section has tips and encouragements to leading a healthy lifestyle. I will admit that I was not used to many of the ingredients in this book, like nutritional yeast or buckwheat groats but I was excited to try them out. Ella gives you the tools to live a healthy life. Ella also has a very conversational writing style which makes her so relatable to her readers.


If eating healthy and having super healthy recipes is something that you love than this book is for you. This book is all about health and there is no cheating. So, if that is what you love than you have to go pick this book up! I really loved the tips Ella gave in each section and these are tips I am going to live by.

I give this cook book 3.5 out 5


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