New Years Goals I Have Made & You Should Too

Make The Resolution To Be BRAVE: Enough to do what you want when you want.

Make The Resolution To Be KIND: To those who need it but most importantly to those you are the closest to because sometimes they get the brunt of our anger. I’m talking about my mom, here, I know I'm a bad daughter.

Make The Resolution To LOVE: I am pretty bad at dating and great at being single, so this year, I promise to commit and fall in love with a guy who is worthwhile and let go of my single-dom, lol.

2018 resoluions

Make The Resolution To WORK HARDFind your passion and work hard at it. Working hard doesn’t mean tiring  yourself out or working too much but it means putting 100 percent into everything you do.

Make The Resolution To FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS: I have goals and dreams and this year, I’m going to make that happen!

Make The Resolution To Be A GOOD FRIEND: The older we get, the more we become selective about our friendships. Be the friend that someone can be proud of. Be a good friend.

Make The Resolution To Be A GOOD SIBLING: This year I promise to be a good sister to my older brother and two younger sisters.

new year

Make The Resolution To Be A GOOD DAUGHTER/SON: I told you I'm gonna work on it. The older we get, we start to understand how important and short life can be, so I am going to spend my year being kind to my parents.

Make The Resolution To DO SOMETHING IMPORTANT: Whatever it is, do something worthwhile and important. Something you can look back on at the end of 2019 and be like, yasss, I did that!

Make The Resolution To LOVE YOURSELF: We don’t do this enough, so make it a priority.

Make The Resolution To TAKE REAL RISKS: Take risks that will take you somewhere. I have decided this year to advertise my blog and spend money on my blog. It’s a risk because it involves money but I know it will pay off.

2018 goals

Make The Resolution To READ MORE: I used to be an avid novel reader but now a days, I read news and blogs more than books, so this year, I want to read as much as I used to. Which used to be 35-50 books a years. I’m also much busier than I used to be, so I’m aiming for about 20-25 books this year.

Make The Resolution To TAKE TIME OUT FROM SOCIAL MEADIA: I love social media, twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are my life, but this past holiday I took two weeks from posting and it was amazing. I lost about 5 followers but who the hell cares. I have decided to take every weekend off social media and take holidays off too.

Make The Resolution To LAUGH REAL HARD: Just laugh, laugh with friends, family, laugh when things are funny, and find something funny to laugh at. Just laugh more.

Make The Resolution To MAKE OTHERS FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEMSELVES: I promise this year to complement more people and do things that make others feel loved and cared for.

2018 new years

Make The Resolution To NOT BE JEALOUS OF OTHER PEOPLE'S SUCESS & HAPPINESS: We live in a world of comparison, comparing relationships, jobs, travels, money, success, so this year, I will not compare myself to others.

Make The Resolution To BE YOURSELF: This year, I promise to be me and to be myself always in every situation. It’s a challenge but I am going to do it.

Make The Resolution To SURIVE: Honestly, above all, I want to physically and mentally survive 2018. That no matter what comes my way, I will beat it and survive it, and I hope you do too!

Happy New Years!

**Originally published January 2018*

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