11 Movies That Will Make You Want To Be A Feminist

Movies that will inspire you to care more about women's rights and equality for all! 


This movie means a lot to me. It is was the first time, I realized the life women were forced to live in the 50's and 60's. The movie does focus on a specific group of women but the message itself is extremely universal; and it is that, as a woman, if you have an education, than you have every right under the sun to use that education and to better yourself. I also love the the relationships the women share with each other. These relationships are complicated and complex, but, it is also so uplighting.


I grow up listening to the soundtrack of this movie and also watching it. As an African, this movie means a lot to me. It speaks to the colonial struggle that Africans face everyday. It speaks to our cultural and traditional identity. But what stands out in this movie is Sarafina and her struggle for freedom and the encouragement that her teacher played by Whoopi Goldberg gives her. This movie is about the human struggle and specifically the African struggle for independence. Give this movie a watch!


This movie is about a biracial woman in a world where having dark skin is deemed as unacceptable. She is left in a world were no one values her or gives her worth. On top of all that, she is also a woman. In this day and age being a woman of colour is a struggle, could you imagine being a woman of colour in the 1800's? Belle's strength in the face of struggle with her own identity is one of encouragement. I promise that once you finish watching this movie you will feel empowered. Oh, plus, it is super romantic.


This is one of my favourite movies. I love movies about British royalty. Especially about Queens. This movie focuses on Queen Victoria in the earliest days as the Queen of England. I love how strong Victoria becomes as she grows into her role as the queen, she is very timid and she is in a world ruled for men and by men. I just love that she holds her own and does a great job at it. This movie will encourage you to be the queen of your own world.


This is my favourite movie from Disney. I remember being 10 years old and watching this movie. I watched it over and over again. Memorizing each song and falling in love with the characters. Mulan was the first strong female character written by Disney. This girl is super courageous and strong. I could have never done what she did and to think this was based on a true story. If you haven't watch this movie yet, please have a watch, both the child and the adult in you will love it.


I just recently watched this movie and I was blown away. I love the female friendship in this movie. I love how these women support and love one another. I love how this movie shows that no matter where you are in life your friends will always support and love you. Men come and go but true friends, real friends, well they are there for a life time.

7. JOY

This movie was the kick in the but I needed to move on with my career as a blogger. The movie follows Joy, a woman stuck in an uneventful life and is massively in debit. Joy is me in this stage of my life and I had felt so tired and like nothing was going to happen for me. After watching this movie, I felt so strong and I thought if Joy could do it then why couldn't I? It is these thoughts that encourages us to be better. When women see other strong women living their dreams and helping others, it encourages us to be better. Go watch this movie and be impressed.


This movie focuses on a specific type and social economic class of women. Although it doesn't represent all women, I was so moved by this movie. I believe a good movie is one that after you finish watching it, you go and do research on the topic and characters. That is what I did. This movie will make you angry as a woman, it will make you cry, and most of all it will make you understand the bullshit women had to go through.


This was the movie that made me want to work in the blogging and lifestyle industry. Seeing Miranda work so hard to build an empire is amazing. Seeing Andy and Emily starting out their careers and giving up everything to reach their goals was inspirational. I loved this movie when I was a teen and I watched it so many times, dreaming about the day when I could do what they were doing.  This movie is about so much more than fashion and working for a mean boss, it is about empowerment and knowing where you want to go with your life.


This movie is based on a book written in 1800s. Elizabeth is such a strong woman in an age were the only thing women needed to do was to get married to a rich man. Elizabeth broke those rules and wanted to find love. She is head strong and I believe one of the first literary feminist I was introduced to. The fact that this book was published in an age where women only were expected to get married and have a son, Elizabeth showed every girl that there were other options.

11. Hidden Figures

I went to watch this movie one afternoon, firstly, because I wanted to support Black women and women in general. But, I was incredibly amazed at how great these women were. They were so smart and literally help make the impossible happen. This movie is the kind of movie all women have to watch but specially, Black women. One reason being is that Black women are not often represented as smart scientist who kick ass!  

Which one of these movies have you seen? Or which ones are you gonna go watch right now? Put it down in the comment section!!

*This article was originally published on March 8th, 2017*

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