10 Things I Wish My Mother Told Me Before My First Period

No one ever sat me down and was like this is what your period would be like. I knew that I was excited to get it though...what a weirdo!  This is super corny but before I got my period, I would practice having one. I would stuff toilet papers in my underwear to practice, God, I have no idea why would do that, lol. With all that excitement neither of my parents sat me down to be like hey, this is what happens when you get your period. I got my period when I was 10. And as much as I was excited for it, I was nowhere near ready. I got mine in the middle of the night, I think it was winter and I woke up in the morning with blood on my sheets and I went to tell my mom and she was like, use toilet paper until I can get you pads. And the rest is history. So here are 10 things I wish someone would have told me before my period. Ps, this post is not for the faint of hearts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. That it is messy. Periods are incredibly messy and it is surprising to me every month how messy they are. I wish someone would have sat me down and told me, "hey you will get blood everywhere and it is will be a mess all the time". The sight of blood is always shocking to me, I always think there is something seriously wrong when I go to the bathroom and get up and see red.

2. I hate to say this, but periods are really gross, think about, it is the lining of your uterus shedding, like a part of your body is shedding itself and causing you to bleed.

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3. It hurts. No one ever told me that periods can hurt so bad. For some women including myself, period cramps are torture. I have not been able to move or do anything when my cramps kick in. Also, it's not just the cramps, it’s the backache, the feeling of soreness, and the bloating, and the periods shits...yes, I went there. There is a lot of pain to deal with.

4. Emotions. OMG, can we talk about the emotional aspect that come with your periods, whether a week before or during your period? OMG,  I have cried at bus stops, at commercials, been agitated, annoyed, angry, and really upset while on my period. But I have also experience low moods and awful sadness during my periods too. It always surprises me when these emotions come and it is always so shocking when my period ends and the emotions just vanish. Like, someone should tell us girls that this is a thing.

5. PMS. I have basically described what PMS is above, but there is so much more to PMS, and girls need to know about it!!

6. The amount of underwear that goes to waste. Like I have to buy new under every few months and the bedsheets, and the clothes, I could go on…oh wait, the mattress, it’s just a lot to deal with.

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7. The surprise periods, the ones that come way too early or way too late. The emotionally roll coaster that you're put on when your period comes late or when it comes way too early.

8. All the illness that come with periods, like fibroids, or cysts. It’s  like it's not enough that we bleed and hurt every month, on top of that, we get these other things that make us even sicker.

9. Periods are really expensive. Spending anywhere from 6 dollars to 10 dollars on pads is a lot of money, plus medication, and other items to help you through the week. I honestly feel like I spend 30 dollars or more a month on my period and I’m being generous here. 

10. It’s not totally worth it. I haven’t personally experienced this, but, when you get your period you are told that it is to prepare you for when you get pregnant. Our bodies basically prepare for a baby every month and when we don’t get pregnant, we have our periods. Yet, for so many reasons and sometimes lack of reasons, some women still can’t conceive. It must be disheartening because every time I have a bad period I think, one day when the time is right and when I want to, I will get pregnant and all these periods that were messy, gross, painful, emotionally filled, shocking, and expensive will be all be worth it. But to know that the struggle is real to conceive is hard to deal with.

Basically, I feel like these are the things all girls should be told on top of all the medical stuff about periods. It’s not easy being a woman and to deal with periods can be very hard.

I have filmed a video of all the things you need when it's that time of the month! Have a watch!

What should you have been told before your period?

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