9 Movies About Modern Romances

Equals: The first time I watched this movie, I wasn't really into it; but then I watched it again and I loved it. When I say a modern romance, I really mean movies that take place in our current time or future, or movies that touch upon issues that we face right now. Equals is a movie about the distant future where we are born without feelings, but obviously, humans are full of feelings. What I love about this movie is that it is about first love and all the lust and fun-ness that comes with it. But it is also about forbidden love in a world you have to hide your emotions.  Although this movie takes place in the future, it is timeless in the fact that first love takes place all the time and that sometimes it takes a lot out of us.

 Newness: This movie is so about our current dating habits. It takes place with a couple who meet over a dating app, very similar to Tinder or Bumble. In our current dating situation, the number one way we meet people is through a dating app. This movie explores relationships that start through these kind of apps and goes into casual dating and open relationships. If you are in your twenties and dating, this movie will hit home because it is so raw and so real. Everything we love and hate about online dating is displayed in this movie, along with the concept and issue of open relationships! 

Like Crazy: No matter what age we live in, long distance relationships are something that at one time or another we all have to do. This movies explores long distance relationships and how they work and also how they don't work. It explores the rules around it and how to handle them. Overall, this movie is a deeply moving film about love as an young adult and how small mistakes can cost us a whole lot of grief.

How To Be Single: Who is single? I am! This is movie is exactly what the tittle says, its about being single. It explore single-hood in many different forms, from the girl who sleep around, to the girl who leaves a long term partner to find herself, to the girl who has been single for a while and wants a baby, to the girl who wants to get married. Through these girls,  you find yourself. Although it is funny, it explores the harsh realities and the ups and downs of being single. 

The F Word/What If: One of the reasons why I love this movie and think it represents modern romance is that it is so complex. To fall in love with your best friend who is dating someone else is enough to take someone over the edge. We have all been there one way or another. It is about  making choices that are hard in relationships and friendships, but most of all, it is about following your heart and that is always a timeless decision. 

Silver Lining's Playbook: I love this movie so much! One of the biggest issues that have been at the forefront of dialogue is mental illness and how we need to approach it when it comes to our culture. This movie explore dealing with mental illness and falling in love and trying to live your best life. It is also so incredibly funny. It shows that love is not easy and it is certainly not easy when it comes to loving while mentally ill. What I love about this movie is that it explores our modern day issues while allowing us to laugh about the things that hold us back. 

Friends With Kids: Lately, I have been reading about friends who have decided to have children together. This movie explores what it is like to have a child with your best friend who you are not dating. The modern aspect of this movie is all the different kinds of romantic relationships that are represented in the movie along with the implications of having a child with a person who you are not in a relationship with.

The Last Kiss: I first saw this movie when I was 16 years old and it was very interesting to me, even though I didn't understand it! The thing is once you get in your late twenties, there are so many things that comes out of you. All the sudden, you want and need things, but most importantly you want things to change. I call this the quarter life crisis.  There are suddenly  decisions to make that are often life changing. I love that this movie explores these choices, it is literally the millennial struggle! 

Save The Last Dance: There are a lot of racial tensions in many countries lately and although this movie is older, it explores what many interracial couples are going through. I love this movie because it explores grief and falling in love with someone who is from a different culture and race than you. It shows the complexities of interracial relationships which has its ups and downs. 

So, there you have it! Movies I think represent modern romances! Let me know your thoughts and also what other movies do you think represent modern romances?


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