Top 7 Podcast To Listen To For Online Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneur, you need all the help you can get! These podcasts are full of great business advice and tips, along with the occasional laugh or cry. They are great tools to have as an online business owner or blogger. The advice given on these podcasts are deep and so good, most importantly they are so useful! 

influencer podcast
goal digger podcast

The Influencer Podcast: This podcast is so incredibly informative for those who want to be bloggers or vloggers. It teaches you everything you need to know about social media, blogging, marketing, tips, tricks, and advice that ranges from different people in the industry. The host is kind and she has a nice voice. You can tell she's very passionate about the topic and wants to help people in the business. I have to say, I have learned so much from listening to this podcast. Also, there is a different guest every week and most of them own their own business and or have been working in the industry for a long time.

The Goal Digger Podcast: Jenna Kutcher is an interesting podcaster. The podcast is similar to the first one except that Jenna is the main person in a lot of the episodes. She used to work for Target than gave it all up to be a photographer, she has been able to turn that all into a great career and now a podcast. Her podcast is really great for photographers or online designers, her tips are geared towards people in that field. But she has a lot to contribute to small online business. If you are starting out, then you have to listen to her. She also has really good personal stories that she shares with her listeners, which I find adds a good touch to the show. Her podcast is good for generating sales on your site, getting clients, creating online products and basically selling everything to people.

yes girl podcast
the lifestyle edit podcast

Yes Girl: This podcast from Essence magazine is everything. I love it so much and the three hosts are amazing. This podcast is not focused on online businesses or blogs but it is a show where they discuss hot topics concerning the Black community and interview celebrities. But I love it and find that the hosts are very relatable and many of the guest have insightful things to say about running a business and a brand. It’s a great podcast to listen to because they often have people who started their careers with nothing and are now successful. Also, when you listen to the guests on the show, they have incredible stories of creating and sustaining a great career. I never go a Thursday without it. 

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast: This podcast is pretty straight forward. The host interviews women in many different  types of industries and they share how they got started and how they became successful. It is great to listen to for those starting their own business. There is a wealth of information there for anyone and everyone.

hashtag authentic podcast
lets discuss podcast
at home with podcast

Hashtag Authentic: This podcast is like the others I have mentioned, it's mainly for those who want to know how to do social media marketing and social media planning. The host interviews social media influencers and bloggers and goes into how they started and what made them successful. She also has her own insightful tips and advice to share with her listeners. She must be doing something right because she just posted that she made over 100,000 dollars. Sign me up!

Let's Discuss: Love these ladies. They are kind and so in touch with their audience which I love. Their podcast is more of a lifestyle podcast but because they are both bloggers I find that they have insightful things to say. Also they are online business owners so they talk about owning their own business and how that fits in with having a life. They also have guests who talk about their jobs and how they reached success.

At Home With: This podcast has two hosts, Lily and Anna, both are very successful bloggers and YouTubers. The concept of the podcast is that they go into successful people’s homes, look around while they interview them. They don’t talk a lot about their online business and blog but they do interview extremely successful people who are bloggers, editors, beauty company owner and they give a great round up of their career. It isn’t a pod cast to learn about online business or how to be a successful entrepreneur but as you listen to the guests you are able to pick up great advice and tips that can be helpful. 

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What are your favorite podcast?


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