The Truth About Being A Black Blogger

I have been blogging since late 2014 and although I am not an OG blogger (those who started in 2009 -2011) I have learned and seen a lot. Blogging is hard and it is even harder if you want it to become a full time job. It isn’t easy, especially for bloggers of colour. Also, this isn’t a poor me, I am a person of colour and therefore I am not successful, this is what I have witness in my own blogging career.

It's Hard Out Here For A Black Girl: It is hard out there for a Black women and  I don’t need to tell you that. Women are paid less than men but Black women are paid less than White women. It is tough out there. In the blogging industry, the top bloggers are predominately White. And looking in,  it seems as though blogging is a White girl's game and bloggers of colours are struggling. Yes, there are bloggers like Patricia Bright, Jackie  Aina, Shayla, Jennie Jenkins, to name a select few, but these girls have been around for so long, whereas there non-Black YouTubers  and bloggers popping up overnight  sometimes, so it seems.  Brands and companies also don’t work with bloggers of colour as much as they do with non bloggers of colour. Although this is changing, Black women and other women of colour are often used as a token in order to show diversity instead of actually having a diverse group of bloggers.

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People Find It Hard To Connect With A Person Of Colour: Another thing I have found is that people don’t connect with bloggers of colour as well as they do with White bloggers. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we don’t see as many people of colour represented on television, magazine, movies, and other medias as we see White people. And when you only see one type of beauty or people, you are often trained to only connect with that. And although 2017 was the year of more inclusivity and diversity in which we saw more people of colour represented in all forms of media, we have be trained as a society to only connect visually with people who are White. And I also feel that a lot of people often find it hard to connect with a blogger who isn’t White, for example I have heard someone say, "well I won’t a watch a YouTubers who are Black, we won’t use the same products", which is awful because we might be different shades but often the products are the same and the techniques are the same. This kind of thinking and lack of representation makes it hard for people who aren’t of colour or people of other races to connect with Black bloggers.

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It's A Saturated Market: Creating a community is hard. No matter what colour you are. Starting a community to surround your blog or channel can be tough. But what I do like about bloggers of colour is that now we are smarting up and supporting each other. We are commenting, liking, sharing, and praising each other’s work which is helping in the community department. I think it can be hard to also put yourself out there as a creative no matter your race but it can  be harder as a person of colour because sometimes there aren’t as many people of colour doing what you are doing and the support might not be out there.

A Lack Of Support: Another hard truth is that there is little to no support from White bloggers. I'm not saying that all White bloggers don't support Black bloggers, because obviously there are many that do! There are amazing bloggers like Olivia from what Olivia did or Elle from Coco’s Tea Party, who support fellow bloggers regardless of colour but honestly I rarely ever see White bloggers sharing or collaborating with bloggers of colour. I think we need to see blogging as one big community and that we all need to help each other out no matter what the person looks like. I also find that once some bloggers reach a certain amount of followers, they stop supporting other bloggers regardless of colour or they only support the small group of people they know. I would really like to see more collaborations between bloggers who aren't the same race, I think this will help open up a conversation about race and community building. 

the truth about being a black blogger

 This post might be a little controversial but it is my own experience as a blogger over the past 3 years. It’s honestly tough out there and I have seen blogger of colour and non blogger start at the same time, both with great and similar content and I have witness the non blogger of colour succeed more and I wonder why? I have seen this so many times and I know there are a lot factors that go into it and I have mentioned a few above but in order to level the playing field all bloggers regardless of colour have to support one another and reach down and help the blogger below you up.

Let me know your thoughts on this!

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