How To Use Instagram Collections Like A Blogger


Instagram collections are a thing and many bloggers use them to create a mood board for their content creation. They are so easy to use and it is simple to create a visual representation of what you want! Here are five ways you can use Instagram collection to up your Instagram game!

Mood Board: For so long Pinterest had been the place to go to create a visual mood board for whatever you wanted and now Instagram has stepped in. Instagram collections really allows the user to create a visual mood board of what they want. If you are decorating a room in your house, you can now use the collection to create an inspiration board of what you want the room to like. And since, each picture is connected to an account, you can easily go back and look at more pictures from that account. The same goes for planning a wedding, an event, party, or anything. You can now use it as a visual representation of what you want.

how to use instagram collections

Visual Inspiration: I love pictures and that’s what Instagram collection is all about. It is about being inspired by the photos you have seen. You no longer have to screen grab everything, all you have to do is tap on the symbol below each picture and there you go. We have all been there, where we find a picture that we love and feel inspired by, now you can easily save it. For many bloggers, Instagram collections allows us to have an inspiration board for when we are creating our own pictures or videos! Plus, it is a great place to store ideas for our blogs and YouTube channel!

How to bloggers use instagram collections

Content Inspiration: Every blogger will tell you that they are constantly thinking of content creation, probably the same way other people are always looking to be inspired. We are all on Instagram every day, so why not use it as an inspiration. Every time, I come across something that inspires me, I save it and go back to it later and see what kind of content I create. Having something like this can really bring out the creative in you!

best ways to use instagram collections

Competition: This is an interesting one. But if you are in an industry that is really competitive than I think using Instagram collection will help you know what your peers are up to. By saving their posts, you can go back and study it and see what steps they are taking or how you can do a similar thing but better (not copying). I love this way of using the collections because it allows you to truly study it and see exactly what they have been doing. It also allows you to keep in touch with your industry which is so important. 

How too use instagram collections

Theme Building/Board Creation: People are very weird about themes but I love them because it keeps me inspired and keeps my account beautiful. One of the reasons why people don’t like themes is because they are hard to do. This is why I love collections because it allows you to create a mood board with themes. I always say look at your favourite accounts, save the pictures you are inspired by in the collections and use them to create your own unique account theme. Another thing I love about collections is that you can have so many different categories and so many different divisions all in one place!

Let me know if you use Instagram collection and how you use them!

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